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hey wud up im becky...but u can call me becki-ki...i love to party...i love to smoke out....and kool with almost everyone...i hate shit talkers...i love my best friends....i love ashley thom she my best is of friend idk wat i would do wit out her...i love tyler swanson cuz without here there would be no funny in life...i love tawny she the coolest person everr....and last but not least kayla hoffman without here i wouldnt be able to party hardy.....and i could go on with my other friends but im not....but yeahh thats me....late...
Music: i mostley like hip hop,r&b,and rap...but i do like pop rock,heavy metal,punk,emo,and a bunch of other stuff..
Movies: I sometimes like chick flicks.But i do like action,comedy,romance,and things like that....but i also like other movies...mostley the movies that have 2 deal wit life....
WhatImInto: i like to play poker/texas holdem',football,b-ball,tennis,practicly all sports,other things i like to do is draw,smoking,drinkin,and i cant think of enything else
MyBestFeatures: i dont kno wat my best features r...u tell me
MyDreams: my dreams is to meet mr.perfect...the person i can spend the rest of my life with...the one ive alwayas wanted..

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